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Software Engineering
Posted on Monday, June 24, 2024

Full Stack Engineer

Jasmine Cohen
Created time
April 24, 2024 8:52 AM
Send your resume to careers@stash.gg to apply!
Location: Flexible/remote
About Stash:
There have always been platforms, like app stores and consoles, getting in the middle of gamers and game developers (did you know they take 30% commissions on each in-app purchase?). Stash sees a future in which developers can be their own platforms for the first time by delivering excellent direct-to-consumer experiences. We offer game developers a suite of tools that enable them to directly sell to and engage with their players, including web shops, custom game launchers, and payment processing. That way, games can finally interact with their players on their own terms. Founded by Twitch co-founder Justin Kan, Zynga executive Robin Chan, and Googler engineer Dan Borstelmann, building great game experiences and successful companies is in our DNA.
Role Overview:
Stash is looking for software engineers with extensive experience in building complex infrastructure to support large scale applications and APIs. We solve unique problems at a large scale, especially considering how small of a team we are. We prioritize performance, clear and concise code, monitoring, and teamwork. Stash engineering is truly a high performing team and we hold our engineers to a high standard of excellence.
Our engineers work on creating robust, scalable, and secure systems that support web and mobile platforms, manage data flow between servers and users, and integrate with other services and databases. They will work closely with front-end developers for seamless application integration and set the path for the software team.
We use Go for our backends and deploy to GCP, our frontends are in React deployed through Vercel. Infrastructure work is an important part of many of our projects, along with numerous feature-based projects to support product development.
Key Responsibilities:
Build applications and infrastructure to support product features
Optimizing applications and servers for speed and stability
Ensuring application performance, scalability and security
Developing and maintaining APIs for web and mobile applications
Developing and maintaining web and mobile applications
Preferred Qualifications & Experience:
BS/MS in Computer Science, Engineering, or related field
4+ years of experience in backend development, preferably with some experience in Go/GRPC
Extensive experience working on software engineering for large scale applications
Strong computer science fundamentals
Experience with cloud infrastructure (GCP/AWS/Azure)
Experience writing unit tests and debugging complex systems
Experience building and documenting APIs
Experience writing and reviewing designs and documentation
Monitoring, logging and alerting infrastructure experience
Experience with GRPC and Protobuf