Full-Stack Engineer, WebTech



Sterling, VA, USA · Toronto, ON, Canada
Posted on Saturday, November 18, 2023
About Us:
Parallelz enables developers and their existing mobile apps/games, without any SDKs, code changes, or engineering efforts to instantly improve user acquisition, organic virality, new revenue channels, and user experiences and capabilities that were not possible before.  
With Parallelz, users can access mobile apps instantly, with lossless quality, at full performance, on any desktop or mobile device. The Parallelz platform enables this by transforming existing native mobile apps into fully-native web apps, in real-time, that can be instantly accessible on any browser. Developers can now have a new frictionless way to reach their customers, free from the restrictions and taxations of the existing app stores.
Parallelz unlocks millions of existing native mobile apps from their silos and transforms them into a more powerful and valuable asset that is fully web-native. Parallelz’ novel architecture creates a new category of building blocks for the web, enabling mobile apps and their functionality to become a new type of web primitive. This enables mobile apps and their discrete components, functionality, and data to instantly become directly addressable, configurable, and compositable. Furthermore, this enables entirely new types of dynamically personalized, user and ML-generated, synthetic app experiences.  
Our founding team and advisors are serial entrepreneurs and technologists from Google, Mozilla, MIT Media Labs, and other top organizations. The company is joined by top-tier and global venture funds and angel investors.
Role Description: 
You will be getting in right at the beginning and be a key contributor in our product roadmap. This role will help build customer-facing features, and as such, we are looking for someone who is customer-obsessed and has product empathy.
You will work with a world-class technical team in a small, agile, and flat organization to evolve our R&D initiatives into a live operational platform that will have an impact across the industry. 
  • Leverage your experience in these languages to build robust, scalable components across the stack.
  • Ensure service scalability through effective code and data storage design.
  • Collaborate cross-functionally and with all members of the engineering team; we are a relatively flat organization and all employees are expected to be inventive with a bias for action.
  • Continuously staying up-to-date about the latest advancements and applications of AI, and exploring how they can be leveraged to solve complex problems for our organization and customers.
  • 2+ YOE with Rust, Angular, or Python
  • 2+ YOE with SQL or similar tool
  • 2+ YOE with API development
Near Must-Haves:
  • 1+ YOE with WebSocket
  • 2+ YOE with Android development
  • 1+ YOE with Git
  • 1+ YOE with WebAssembly
  • 1+ YOE with Linux
  • 1+ YOE with C or C++
  • 1+ YOE with embedded systems
  • Experience working at a VC-funded startup