Solana Beach, CA, USA
Posted on Thursday, April 14, 2022
Fractal is launching a Scout program to enable and reward our community for helping us find and onboard the best new Web3 games and their creators. Are you a member of 100+ Discords? Are you a full crypto degen fallen deep into the web3 rabbit hole? The Fractal Scout program may be for you. While this position is flexible and not a full-time position, it can be a path to other opportunities at Fractal. There are many folks who would enjoy being in our Scout program; you might be an avid gamer, investor, influencer, or Web3 enthusiast - we’d love to work with you to grow our gaming partner community.

What you will do

  • Find and introduce us to new Web3 games and their creators who would benefit from launching their games on Fractal Launchpad
  • Be able to go deep on the benefits of launching on Fractal launchpad - we’re constantly adding new features and functionality and it’s important to effectively communicate the latest
  • Enjoy an exclusive relationship with Fractal and reap the benefits of being a community insider (early access to mint greenlists, invite only events, collectible merch, and more) in addition to being paid per successful onboarding of each new game that you introduce us to

Recommended skills and experience

  • Passion for gaming and understand the ecosystem inside and out
  • Extensive network of professionals across the gaming ecosystem
  • Interest and understanding of Web3 culture
Fractal is the leading gaming NFT marketplace built on multiple chains where players are able to discover, buy, and sell gaming NFTs from best in class Web3 games. We believe gaming NFTs will bring about the next monumental evolution of gaming.
A major shift is happening where in-game assets are becoming NFTs on the blockchain; this unlocks real ownership for players, and new layers of programmability and interoperability in and between games. Creators will be able to create all sorts of new experiences on top of NFT games. This is the future of gaming that our team is excitedly building for.
In addition to Fractal launchpad and marketplace, we empower game developers and gamer communities via our SDK, proprietary tooling, and elevated levels of partner service and ethics. Our mission is to create an open platform for the exchange of digital goods and help games to find their passionate community.